CS Editors

File extension .cs is well known for C-Sharp. But before this was invented, some guys from dynamix  named their Scriptlanguage TorqueScript or CScript. Since they uses .ts for other files they decided to use .cs. Microsoft may rename their c# extension since the other is older *haha*.

Anyway the new Torque3D use .tscript as filename extension, but i don't care.


JEdit 4.2 with TorqueScript (T-IDE) Addon

 It's not the most comfortable editor for TorqueScript but i love to split the editors and can have the same file in the spitted screen.

Example installation: C:\APPS\jEdit

You need to have Java Installed and then call it like this:

    [whereeveryouinstalledjavabin]javaw.exe -jar "C:\APPS\jEdit\jedit.jar"


Download: T_IDE

T-IDE Project Homepage: https://torqueide.sourceforge.net/




It's the standard TorqueScript Editor.

Download: Torsion.zip

Note  I got this zip from the Torque3D forum. Torsion was sold for 39 dollar - and need to be activated by the garagegame site (RIP). It's also on github now but nobody exchanged the comercial xml libraries - so it does not compile. How this Version is created - I dont know.